We use design thinking to solve problems

Phantom Design was founded by friends who needed more excuses to hang out. Most of what we do is fintech product development. We also write stuff and speak in public.

Our team has designed and built asset management platforms, bitcoin wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges, personal financial management apps, smart credit cards and more. Our talks and un-workshops cover design thinking, cryptocurrency, personal financial strategies, innovation and disruption.


Simon Dingle

Simon has worked in radio, magazines, product management, design, sat on advisory boards for multinationals, and spent hella time with cryptocurrencies. He's also the author of In Math We Trust and hosts a weekly tech show on 5FM in South Africa.


Sam Beckbessinger

Sam was the product manager at 22seven, and before that the strategy director at Quirk. She's passionate about stories, humans, and helping people manage their money better. She once got a high-five from Barack Obama (true story), and is the author of Manage Your Money Like A F*cking Grownup.

Our projects are awesome. Just the best. People look at our projects and say, "My god! I've never seen such great projects." Just a fantastic bunch of projects that we're working on both for ourselves and our clients.

"Luck is the residue of design"

John Milton