We like solving chunky problems

Phantom Design was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with experience in FinTech product development from both startups and large institutions in North America, South East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and the United Kingdom.

Our team has designed and built asset management platforms, bitcoin wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges, personal financial management apps, smart credit cards and more.


Simon Dingle

Simon’s experience ranges from broadcasting to strategy and finance. He is a product expert that has had three apps in the top 10 of the finance section on the App Store. Simon offers his wealth of experience and oversees all projects we work on.


Danielle Laity

Dani's a product strategist on a mission to make complex financial services simple and accessible to regular people. She's worked with companies ranging from big banks like Standard Bank to smaller startups like Luno. She's set up an innovation lab, launched new solutions and optimised existing products.


Sam Beckbessinger

Sam is a writer and fintech entrepreneur who lives in Cape Town. She was the product manager at 22seven, and before that the strategy director at Quirk Johannesburg. She's passionate about stories, humans, and helping people manage their money better. She once got a high-five from Barack Obama (true story).

We love our clients

We only work with a handful of select clients at a time, so that we can give them our full focus and attention.

"Luck is the residue of design"

John Milton